Port-X IV Portable Dental X-Ray

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  • Port-X IV Portable Dental X-Ray
  • Port-X IV Portable Dental X-Ray


The NEW PORT-X IV Portable Dental X-Ray provides total portability combined with the latest digital technology. Ideal for both dental and extremity radiographs with veternary-specific icons and pre-programed smart exposure settings.


The Port-X IV combines the latest portable technology with the highest specifications amongst hand-held dental x-ray generators including built-in safety features such as a lead-lined tank assembly and tube.


  • Light (1.5k g) and small, enabling total portability and use in any location
  • Small dose of radiation ensuring patient and operator safety
  • Tube voltage 70 kV
  • Tube current 2 mAs
  • Fixed kV and mA means the only variable is the exposure time which is pre-set with veterinary icons
  • Focal spot 0.4 mm
  • High performance Cannon tube and small focal spot providing sharp and clear images
  • Exposure times 0.05–1.6 seconds
  • Designed for use with both DR sensors and CR image plates
  • Supplied with back scatter shield, remote operating switch and tripod
  • FDA and CE approved

Not currently available in NC, SC, MI, KS or NJ​

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iM3 dental products are intended for veterinary dental use by suitably qualified and trained users only.

Improper use, invalid licensing, lack of hygienic maintenance or non-compliance invalidates all claims and warranty.