Gingivectomy Burs

Gingivectomy Bur Range

For controlled removal of gingival tissue to restore normal sulcus depth in cases of gingival hyperplasia. Ideal for gentle contouring to reshape the gingival margin. Friction Grip for High Speed Handpiece. These burs are intended to be single use and the cost factored in to each procedure.

Flame Burs

The pointed tip gives greater access to interproximal spaces.

Egg Burs

Rounded tips work best around the labial, buccal and lingual surfaces of the tooth.

Ceramic Burs

Soft tissue trimming burs are designed for contouring gingival tissue. These specialized burs feature ceramic tips that help reduce bleeding during soft tissue procedures such as gingival contouring, uncovering implant sites, exposing deep cervical caries and other clinical situations that require reshaping or removal of soft tissue.

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