iM3 Tara Extension Arm for Dental Unit

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iM3 Tara Extension Arm for Dental Unit

Using the Extension Arm for Denarmtal Units you can add the Control Top from any of our iM3 Veterinary Dental Units to the iM3 Tara Table.

Whether you order a new Control Top alongside the iM3 Tara or you want to take your existing iM3 Dental Unit and convert this arm will allow you to do that.

Have a look at our section on iM3 Veterinary Dental Units to compare the features available.

The following units can be ordered to work on the arm, please note compressors are not included and can be ordered separately if required:

  • U3110T GS Start Control Top complete
  • U3301T GS Deluxe Control Top complete
  • U3302T GS Deluxe LED Control Top complete
  • U3400T Elite Control Top complete
  • U3069T Pro 2000 Control Top complete
  • U3069SWT Pro 2000 SW Control Top complete
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iM3 dental products are intended for veterinary dental use by suitably qualified and trained users only.

Improper use, invalid licensing, lack of hygienic maintenance or non-compliance invalidates all claims and warranty.