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iM3 Professional

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iM3 Professional Veterinary Dental Unit

The iM3 Professional dental unit sets the standard for true veterinary dental equipment.

The Professional unit is another step up in terms of functionality and versatility, combining the features of the Evolve and Advanced units with an optional curing light. This unit can be tailored to suit the needs of any veterinary dentist.


Handpiece and line options


Option 1:

  • 2x High Speed - Air driven line with coolant and iM3 High Speed Advantage Handpiece (L7300 - takes FG Burs)
  • 1x Low Speed - Air driven line without coolant and iM3 Low Speed Advantage Handpiece (L6200 & L6250)

Option 2:

  • 1x High Speed - Air driven line with coolant and iM3 High Speed Advantage Handpiece (L7300 - takes FG Burs)
  • 1x Low Speed - Air driven line without coolant and iM3 Low Speed Advantage Handpiece (L6200 & L6250)
  • 1x Electric Micromotor - Electric line with coolant, Low Speed Motor, Straight Nose Cone and a 1:1 contra-angle (L6860, L2022 - takes RA Burs)

Option 3:

  • 1x High Speed - Air driven line with coolant and iM3 High Speed Advantage Handpiece (L7300 - takes FG Burs)
  • 1x Electric Micromotor - Electric line with coolant, Low Speed Motor, Straight Nose Cone and 1:1 contra-angle (L6860, L2022 - takes RA Burs)
  • 1x Curing Light


Mounting Options

All units in the iM3 Evolution Range can be supplied as mobile carts (with or without in-built compressors), wall-mounted, or mounted on the iM3 Tara table for the ultimate dental working environment. Please note that wall arm and Tara table options do not include a compressor.


High Quality Materials - Hand Made in USA

iM3 is renowned for our long lasting dental units, with some units still working in practice that were first manufactured over 30 years ago by our founder in Australia. The new Evolution Range builds on this long lasting ethos creating dental units made for the rigors of working in the extreme environments of veterinary clinics worldwide.

All the Evolution Range dental units are hand built using materials that can withstand the everyday working in a busy veterinarian clinic. From the full aluminum frame and Panels, to the medical grade powder coating, stainless steel screw, to the corian dental top. iM3 build quality sets standards that others could only wish for. The Evolution Range sets the bench mark in usability and long life that is needed in every veterinary dental practice.

The evolution range is designed to grow with you as you walk the path of veterinary dentistry. iM3 as a company with be with you on this journey with training and support, your dental unit will be too.

Using the iM3 Evolution Range base, you can build the dental unit that is needed today, with the knowledge that it can grow with you as you become more expert and need a bigger and better dental unit. At any point you can add micromotors, scalers and light cure units. You can move your unit from been a standalone unit to being a wall mount unit, to even attaching it to a dental table.*


Features of the iM3 Professional

LED High Speed Handpieces: European-made LED handpiece offers 400,000 rpm for efficient sectioning, with daylight-like light for comfortable work and clear colors. Its 360° swivel coupling minimizes fatigue through easy rotation and low weight. The triple coolant spray provides precise cooling, while a hygienic head prevents aerosol intake.

Low Speed Handpieces: Choose between traditional air driven and advanced electric micromotor options.

Air Driven: Air-driven handpieces are low torque and are easier to work with, making them suitable for beginners. The Advantage Low-Speed Motor is lightweight and shorter than conventional models, reaching a maximum speed of 25,000 rpm.

Electric Micromotor: The optional built-in electric micromotor opens up a wide range of possibilities for advanced veterinary dentistry. Veterinarians can benefit from a Europeanmade, high-torque, compact-sized, and lightweight motor with an LED light, durability, and quiet operation. The intelligent premium motor stops when over-torqued, making it the perfect choice for expert veterinary dentists.

Three-way Syringe: Capable of producing a blast of air, a spray of water, or a combined mist, the Evolution range features a lightweight and ergonomic syringe with a quick disconnect for easy maintenance.

Built-in Scaler (Optional): European-made piezo-ceramic scalers are now built-in as an optional feature on iM3 dental units, high quality and with LED light. Alternatively, external scalers can be used, thanks to a coolant outlet and power board.

Curing Light (Optional): This optional built-in curing light has a dominant wavelength between 440 nm and 465 nm and an LED light emission of over 1,400 mW/cm2. It offers two curing modes: a fast 10-second setting and a slow 20-second setting.

Autoclavable Suction: Automatic suction with suction tips, handpiece, and smooth bore suction tubing that can be easily removed and autoclaved. Waste is collected in an easily accessible one-liter container with a replaceable filter. Thanks to iM3’s powerful compressor, suction and handpieces can run concurrently with no loss of performance.

Handpiece Cables: The new handpiece cables feature a quick release and a built-in oil filter, allowing for even easier maintenance. The straight cables are easy to clean and don’t tangle.

Foot Control: The foot control is used to operate all instruments on the unit. It is airbased, making it waterproof and more reliable than electric pedals.

Digital Screen: Evolution Range dental units with electric micromotors also feature our new, easy-to-use LCD screen for adjusting speed, direction, and torque settings on the motor. The screen also controls scaler power.

Bur Magnet: The iM3 designed magnetic bur holder prevents burs from falling on the ground; they are held in place right where you need them. The Evolution Range features magnets on both sides of the control top to save you from reaching over the handpieces.

Cartridge Toggles: All iM3 toggles can be changed in seconds due to the cartridge valve system used by iM3. This advanced feature allows for the quick cleaning and replacement of valves, reducing machine downtime and loss of revenue.

Instrument Tray: The Evolution Range features a built-in instrument tray with a non-slip silicon mat. The Corian® surface is impervious to bacteria and easy to clean, unlike fiberglass and plastics.

Bottles & Straw: All Evolution Range units are fitted with two coolant bottles, one for the CLS solution and the other for water. The latest innovations remove the need for a pressure switch, as the unit is able to detect the presence of the bottles independently. The iM3 Straw is standard on all units in the range. The Straw provides continuous disinfection to the coolant water for 365 days. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and does not adversely affect composite bond strength.

Handles: You asked, and we provided: the iM3 Evolution Range features a robust handle for maneuvering the unit into position.

Lockable Casters: These hospital-grade castors are designed to remain mobile and not trap hair or dirt. The back castors feature a new locking mechanism.

Internals: The new Evolution Range builds on iM3’s long-lasting ethos, creating dental units made for the rigors of working in the extreme environments of veterinary clinics worldwide. All internal air, water, and electric lines are color-coded, and electronics are modular for easy repair should it become necessary, most of which you can carry out yourself.

Compressor: iM3 developed the first oil-free compressor fitted to a dental machine with suction. Oil-free technology eliminates the risk of oil contaminants entering the air supply of the dental machine. It also greatly reduces the maintenance regime.

Air Flow: iM3’s innovation employs a chimney effect to keep compressors cool, allowing them to run for over 10 hours continuously inside a box. This natural convection process maintains reliability without the need for additional cooling systems.

Sound Proofing: Using high-quality soundproofing from the automotive industry helps the Evolution Range be user and patientfriendly, with reduced noise and reduced heat.

Power Board: On-board power outlets for additional equipment, helps keep the surgery organised.


iM3 Advantage High Speed handpiece

The Advantage LED High Speed (400,000 rpm) Handpiece and Swivel with inbuilt generator creates its own LED light. With a color temperature of 5,500 K, the Advantage produces a radiation spectrum that corresponds to daylight. The high-color rendering index (CRI 90) of the LED enables relaxed work thanks to daylight-quality light and provides exceptional reproduction of natural colors and clear color contrasts in the mouth. The Advantage minimizes fatigue thanks to the easy 360o rotation of the handpiece on the coupling, the low weight and the slender design. The unique handpiece design also allows for component replacement on site by the user.

    • Simple FG bur changing - push button design and yellow iPush included.
    • Precision bur cooling - triple coolant spray produces a mist around the bur.
    • Patented hygienic head - prevents aerosol particles from being sucked into the turbine.
    • Replaceable water filter, four-hole connection, autoclavable. Made in Austria, One year warranty. Supplied with L7050 iPush & MD30 oil.
    • Veterinary-specific reinforced metal threads and couplings set the iM3 Advantage handpieces apart from human dental handpieces which typically use plastic. As a result, iM3 Advantage handpieces are built to far better withstand the strains of a veterinary workload than the human dental equivalents.

Electric Micromotors

The Evolution Range introduces the option of Electric Micromotors to iM3’s core range of veterinary dental units and represents a significant leap forwards for the industry.

iM3’s brushless electric motor offers impressive functionality and comfort. It is particularly small and surprisingly light, is comfortable to hold and in addition to the consistent high power, also scores extra points with its features such as LED technology, long service life and quiet operation.

ISO Short coupling aka E-Type connection means the motor is compatible with all conventional straight and contra-angle handpieces. High performance, reliable durability and a broad spectrum of speeds from 2,000 to 40,000 rpm. Optional contra angles include 1:1 and speed increasing 1:5. These high quality, European made contra angles combine with iM3’s electric motor for a considerably shorter and noticeably lighter complete system. This makes it possible to satisfy the highest ergonomic demands and effectively avoid fatigue, even when working for extended periods of time.

The LED technology integrated in the motor lights the treatment site with daylight-quality illumination. While the long-lasting brushless drive means reduced service and maintenance costs combined with increased service life. Sensor-controlled drive technology makes it particularly quiet and largely free from vibration.

Evolution Range dental units with electric micromotors also feature our NEW easy to use LCD screen for adjusting speed, direction and torque settings on the motor.

Low Speed Handpieces - iM3 Advantage

The classic air only option, great for polishing, the Advantage Low Speed Motor is ergonomically designed to be more user friendly. The motor is light weight and shorter than conventional low speed motors.

The Advantage 4:1 reduction straight nose cone reduces the speed of the low speed motor and accepts disposable prophy angles for polishing. The unique design means the nose cone is shorter and lighter and fitting prophy angles is as simple as pushing them on!

iM3 recommends Rock & Roll polishing angles (L7466), the 60° reciprocating “back and forth” action of the prophy cup prevents muzzle hair from being tangled and allows the cup to have continuous contact on the tooth surface. The reciprocating action also reduces heat and friction on the tooth and doesn’t splatter prophy paste.

Compatible with the Straight Nose Cone (L6860 - sold separately), the iM3 Advantage Low Speed Motor is also great for rabbit dentistry.



iM3 Evolution Range Units have a 3 year parts warranty. All handpieces have a 1 year warranty.

* Upgrades of handpiece and instrument options after sale require returning the control top to iM3's manufacturing facility in Vancouver, WA. They cannot be performed on site.

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iM3 dental products are intended for veterinary dental use by suitably qualified and trained users only.

Improper use, invalid licensing, lack of hygienic maintenance or non-compliance invalidates all claims and warranty.