iM3 JTL Loupes

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  • iM3 JTL Loupes
  • iM3 JTL Loupes
  • iM3 JTL Loupes


iM3 JTL Loupes

The iM3 JTL Loupes - where JTL signifies 'Justify Tailorable Loupes,' are crucial optical tools intended to improve your dental procedures and your work setting. Offering sharp, clear visuals and a tailored fit, these high-quality loupes transform your practice by providing unmatched accuracy and ease.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Pupil Distance: Our JTL premium loupes eliminate the need for separate PD measurements by allowing direct adjustment of the pupil distance for a personalized fit, simplifying the experience.
  • Innovative Chain Hinge: Features a 3-stage adjustable chain hinge for stable viewing angles, ensuring clear vision with a minimum 12cm pupil-to-barrel distance, allowing easy angle and distance customization.
  • Clear Vision: Our optical lenses provide distortion-free clarity, ensuring precise imaging for accurate treatments and diagnoses.
  • Lightweight Frame: Crafted from high-quality material weighing just 11.8g, our feather-light frame offers durability and comfort, minimizing strain during long procedures.


  • Precision: The iM3 JTL Loupes offer unmatched detail visibility for precise dental work.
  • Custom Fit: Tailor the loupes to your needs for a comfortable and accurate viewing experience.
  • Comfort: Enjoy the ergonomic design of our lightweight loupes, reducing physical strain.
  • Durability: Built with high-quality materials, our loupes offer long-lasting reliability and performance.
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iM3 dental products are intended for veterinary dental use by suitably qualified and trained users only.

Improper use, invalid licensing, lack of hygienic maintenance or non-compliance invalidates all claims and warranty.