Complete CR 8 package

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  • Complete CR 8 package
  • Complete CR 8 package
  • Complete CR 8 package
  • Complete CR 8 package


Over the last decade, the iM3 CR 7 VET has helped make iM3's X-ray solution popular with vets and nurses all over the world with its exclusive plate range and superior image quality it remains in a class of its own. Now we are excited to introduce the NEW iM3 CR 8 VET. With its two slot scanning design, the CR 8 offers an even faster work flow than ever before!

  • 2 x plate slots, providing parallel scanning for fast sequential scanning of imaging plates
  • Highest Resolution 40 LP/mm theoretical, with 25 LP/mm actual
  • Adjustable resolutions allows for fast scanning times.
  • Up to 4 x size 2 image plates can be read in as little as 25 seconds
  • Developed for requirements in large veterinary practices & dental clinics
  • High resolution glass touch display, patented PCS technology for excellent image quality
  • Scans intra-oral plates size 0 - 6

The iM3 CR 8 uses software specific to veterinary dentistry, and has the largest range of plate shapes available to the market. CR 8 comes preloaded with Vet-Exam Pro software, providing superior image resolution quality, and is fully DICOM compliant, ensuring easy export of data. Precision made by German manufacturers, with a two year warranty, can be networked across 10 PCs in the practice, with iM3 technical support provided.

  • Complete with Vet-Exam Pro Software
  • Software specific to Veterinary Dental
  • 10 x Network Licenses & PACS functionality
  • Fully DiCOM compliant
  • Includes iM3 Technical Support

iM3 Plates are the largest range of plate shapes available to the Veterinary Dental market, and are for use specifically on iM3's CR 7 and CR 8 scanners.

  • Size 5 intra oral image plates are a must for canine dentistry and are exclusive to iM3. Full mouth overviews are possible in a large dog in only 6 images using a Size 5 CR image plate, only available for iM3 CR 7 and CR 8 Vet.
  • iM3 created the R3 plate for scanning small animals such as Rabbits. This R3 plate is for use on both our CR 7 and CR 8 scanners, and are the only scanners worldwide with a scanning plate for Rabbits.
  • Introducing size 6, with great potential for long snouted dogs, extremities, and small exotics
  • Only at iM3 can you find the complete range of Veterinary Dental image plates, in true and accurate sizes.
  • Others claim our sizes but their plates are actually smaller

The iM3 CR 8 VET Package Includes:

  • CR 8 Vet image plate scanner & Vet-Exam software
  • 10 Network licenses
  • WLAN stick (already installed)
  • Imaging plates size 2 (4pc), size 4 (1pc), and size 5 (1pc)
  • Size 2, 4 & 5 disposable barrier sleeves/sheaves
  • iM3 position kit X8500
  • Protective dust cover, Transfer box & cleaning foil
  • 2 yrs warranty with iM3 online Technical Support
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iM3 dental products are intended for veterinary dental use by suitably qualified and trained users only.

Improper use, invalid licensing, lack of hygienic maintenance or non-compliance invalidates all claims and warranty.