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BurButler - Small

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  • BurButler - Small
  • BurButler - Small
  • BurButler - Small


BurButler - Small

BurButler Small with space for 10 burs.
Short lid suitable for FG and RA burs.

The BurButler is a dental bur holder designed with the veterinary dentist in mind. It's easy to open for quick bur access, is fully autoclavable, and is made from high quality materials so it will last and protect your dental burs for years.

This elegant, yet durable bur block is made from flexible medical grade silicon with a strong protective lid. Available in four colours for easy identification for different veterinarians or procedures.

The BurButler lets you confidently, efficiently and safely organise, sterilise, access and care for some of your most important dental instruments.

Easy manipulation of dental burs:

  • Spacing between burs allows for easy one-handed access and removal or replacement of your dental burs
  • Only a very light force is needed and should be used to insert and secure the burs or to remove them
  • The lid can be inverted for multi-use burs that may require manual cleaning

Steam autoclave:

  • Lid can be placed on base for autoclave cycle
  • Assembled set can be bagged as required

Washer disinfector or ultrasonic bath:

  • Place the burs and BurButler in the washer disinfector or ultrasonic bath as required
  • Separate the lid and base during these procedures
  • Through holes in the base and tessellated orifice design allow irrigation of the bur shaft and drainage

Burs not included.

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Improper use, invalid licensing, lack of hygienic maintenance or non-compliance invalidates all claims and warranty.